Packing Boxes Uk

Packing products, gifts or personal belongings can be a minefield! There are now different prices for different parcel sizes , all designed to make posting your items in the most cost effective cardboard packing boxes uk worry free. For non-breakables single wall cardboard packing boxes are a good option. But if you are worried about accidents, we advise double wall packing boxes or even our extra sturdy triple wall selection. All of these are stocked in a wide range of sizes. Our PiP (Pricing in Proportion) boxes are specifically designed to allow you to send them via Royal Mail as ‘Large Letters’, rather than small parcels. You can then avoid the higher packing costs. When you buy packing boxes uk you will be assured the perfect choice for sending photographs, DVDs, CDs and other flat items. These come in a range of sizes, from the PiP mini to the PiP 3, ideal for magazines and documents. Dont miss out on the best cardboard packing boxes uk!

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