Used Second Hand Cardboard Boxes
Why buy Pre-Owned cardboard boxes?

Our used second hand cardboard boxes are a cost effective alternative to buying new.  Second hand doesn’t have to mean inferior quality.  Our stock is carefully selected and only minimal wear and tear is accepted.  If you can overlook old labels, scribbled notes or small dents then this could be the perfect solution to your packing and storage needs.

We also stock a large number of pre-owned boxes that have never actually been used and remain flat packed and ready to go.

Why not choose recycled used boxes as the environmentally friendly option?  We have single wall, double wall and triple wall boxes in stock and most can be re-used a number of times and will do the job just as well as brand new boxes but at a fraction of the cost. Manufacturing new boxes is labour and energy intensive.  By opting for used boxes you will be reducing your carbon footprint, creating less waste and saving money so why not give them a try!

As these are second hand boxes stocks may vary.  Take a look at our current range or contact us via our online form to discuss your requirements.

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