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High-performance yet economical and flexible, our clear hot melt glue slugs are specially formulated for general purpose adhesive applications and are particularly suitable for bonding board and paper substrates.

Apply with a 43mm heavy duty hot melt gun for instant and accurate bonding. The low viscosity of the glue helps prevent stringing while improving glue gun output. It also produces excellent strong tack and bonds with minimum gaps between the surfaces. With 1kg of hot melt glue slugs in every pack, our versatile hot melt glue system is really clean and efficient, even for delicate work.

There is no need to worry about finding the perfect packaging adhesive with our clear general-purpose hot melt glue slugs! Excellent for use on most types of board and paper, these 43mm slugs guarantee to yield a fast, high output of high tack adhesive thanks to their low viscosity.  The clear hot melt glue slugs are easy and fast to apply with a 43mm glue gun. The glue cools and hardens quickly as it reaches bonding strength. High-performance, flexible and extremely cost-effective, this hot melt glue system is not just perfect for packaging uses, it also makes an ideal adhesive solution for crafts, office, industry and DIY applications.

It is so versatile that our clear hot melt glue is effective even for small intricate assemblies, producing minimal waste and so creating a clean finish.

You get 1kg of slugs (approx 15 slugs) in each pack and you’ll be delighted with the adaptability of our clear general purpose hot melt glue slugs.


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